Yahoo Sells Its Property Service

In March 2016, Yahoo’s chief financial officer Goldman statement, Yahoo is trying to attract buyers patents, real estate and other “non-core assets,” the company hopes to bring one billion -30 one hundred million US dollars richer.

Sell the patent to survive, almost all European and American high-tech companies to avoid winter forage. This move, Nokia in use, with Kodak, Yahoo also used.

In the past three years, Yahoo’s patent is sold or licensed more than 600 million US dollars.

In 2003, Yahoo rainy day, to $ 1.63 billion acquisition of Overture, thus providing access to Yahoo keyword advertising technology and services Overture three patents.

Today, this patent avoid winter forage, but just right to play a role. Almost all of the Internet giants, all of Yahoo’s patent forage expressed interest.

In 2012, on the occasion of the listing in facebook, Yahoo in Northern California in San Jose federal court alleged Facebook infringed 10 patents, email through real-time, advertising, privacy and social networking technologies involved, and requires three times the loss compensation.