Solutions for Self-operated Media

In the automotive sector, for example, from the look from the media itself, almost everyone from the media, some media practitioners also operates more than one from the media. No wonder car prices speech, public relations now too hard, had to get a few mainstream media on the line, since the media is everywhere now, unable to control. Since more and more media, more competitive, self media entrepreneurs, naturally pressure Alexander.

Since the media from the internet to see, from the initial micro-channel, Sohu from the media, lobbyists and later the headline number, etc., the major traditional portals have launched from the media platform, electric horse brother roughly counted, from the current wide variety of media platform no less than a dozen. Between platforms in order to attract high-quality people settled from the media, but also the facilities trick, tricks. It can be said, from the media platform competition has entered the 2.0 stage.

May 30, Tencent released in Beijing automobile industry since media solutions, the meeting, Wei Wu Hui, senior media people say more thorough: from spring media venture has passed, the summer has arrived. Fans growth rate, the growth rate is decreasing, the article open rates are reduced. Spring last summer, made entrepreneurial content is sweating in the summer stage, to do crowdfunding preparations need to talk with great force competitors to compete.

In the current media platform from the automotive sector, the influential platforms have their own specialty. For example: Say advantage off the starting early, there may be readers automotive vertical field support, user base is very accurate; today’s headlines headlines on the platform, then relying on the recommendation mechanism, won the favor of car prices and a loyal fan base; Sohu car from media advantage is an early start, and has many years of Sohu car precipitation audience; easy to drive from the media, though started late, but there are also easy car auto vertical media do support, in car prices of influence should not be underestimated.