OCR Technology Offers More Warm Service for Internet

New historical period has given us more advanced concepts and technology, governments at all levels must be good at using modern information technology, innovation-driven play the role of the Internet, so the Internet is more temperature-government services, which is the trend of historical development dictates, to a certain stage of social development a necessary requirement.

The government now aiming change “masses errands” to “information on foot,” change “the people run back and forth” to “sector to work together to do” to achieve management innovation and transformation, to achieve high efficiency so that the people less errands. So in this era of big data, in order to simplify government processes to optimize the masses, to achieve “a window for handling, a platform for sharing, one-stop service”, and gradually achieve the nearest can do, run through the city, remote vision can do, pulse cloud OCR technology can become more effective.

OCR technology, which is known as optical character recognition, which can be text in the image, the digital information is converted to text information quickly. Namely Internet + age when people applying for government-related transactions by mobile App, you only need to align ID card scanning camera, the system will automatically collect input identity information, without further manual input fill masses.

In this way, the public can through a “window” to upload the material things, and then transmitted to the various localities and departments for approval. And information sharing, the public does not need to be repeated to submit a variety of information, reduce information collection areas, while also reducing the fraudulent use of information and information leakage, fraud and other possibilities.