More and More Questions Rised Up on Facebook’s Advertisement Mode

Start with Dave Parsons School of Design, USA Carroll (Dave Carroll), Professor at the tweets on Sunday talked about ad settings page, he found a new setting, “Facebook’s App and ads on your site “on about” your Facebook advertising options whether they can be used to display advertising Facebook’s applications and website? “the answer to this question is” yes. ”

But Carroll long ago the question above a seemingly redundant set, titled “based on my use of the Web sites and applications ads” – it’s described as “Would you like to watch on the Facebook network-based interest advertising? “- changed to” no. ” I and a Facebook spokesperson for 20 minutes of calls and e-mail contact after learned that the answer to this question is that these are two different types of ads.

The first class consists of “based websites and applications I use” leading advertising is not based on your activity on Facebook, but in combination with other aspects of the site on Facebook, for example, Facebook-related comments such as you are reading this a point like, show your friends to share an article of “social plug-in” and so on. These are enough to let Facebook know your interest. But you can cancel the settings on the Settings page ad.

on the other hand. “Facebook’s applications and advertising on the site,” the new feature set does not exist two years ago, when Facebook released a cross-application mobile advertising service Audience Network, companies can stay on social networks based on user information, such as your share, thumbs up and click on the link, and allow the company to promote the issuance of targeted content. The problem here is not that Facebook overthrow the previous option, but it waited so long to provide these choices.