Major 5 Investment Projects of IDG Have Been Dead

Compared with the same period in 2015, local life and the financial sector appeared in 2016, Q1 is eligible to vote in the company’s share of a significant decline in the proportion of eligible former CIC declined from 25% to 13%, which decreased from 17% to 3 %.

Last year, the Internet O2O finance and investment industry in the most popular, but after the test of time, since most of the projects business model is not clear, the lack of liquidity, so many institutional investors after the investment can not see its growth, which led directly to this year the quantity of investment in these two areas halved, and cooling hot industry has also become the main reason for the overall number of significant changes in investment.

From the above investment to reduce the number of cases can really feel the change in investment slowed, on the one hand due to the valuation of companies have come down at this stage, almost going out of business a few people high prices situation will not occur again, entrepreneurs also gradually return to rational. On the other hand, the investment structure of the yuan more and more, many companies do not want to only do a large platform to burn, but think of to get traffic and cash.

However, although the investment down the temperature, and investors have been “frozen fear” when compared to the situation in 2008 and 2009, is still far from a real winter, not only because there are still a start-up companies can get the money, and in some areas there have been a new upsurge and change.