Internet Economic Road to the World

So, infrastructure operators how to deal with this dilemma it? Perhaps, enhance innovation, Fang Limin Guben is king. Rise of Great Wall Broadband appears more to answer this question. May on the occasion of World Telecommunication Day, Great Wall Broadband launched 365 yuan a year enjoy 50M bandwidth promotional huge benefit, “one per day” primarily, attracted wide attention of Internet users. The promotion, broadband users in the process on the basis of the new upgrade can also get a box of barley, and enjoy watching TV, online video, distance education, console games and other multi-applications, called unprecedented large concessions.

At the same time, under the Great Wall Broadband technology innovation, users can shop for broadband access, barley gigabit router, OTT applications 100M of the Great Wall in the official website of one-stop, really get intelligent, easy to use of modern digital home experience. Great Wall Broadband especially the main push online educational brand – Peng Yun course, will be more than 50 domestic and foreign teacher schools learning resources, over 1000 courses, 35,000 instructional videos included in the home, covering child care, parenting, primary school, adult education, family whole education system, the education model smart home is to win thousands of cheering.

Service and innovation is the key to the industry to seize the market, for the majority of Internet users concerned about the “Speed ​​drop fee” Great Wall Broadband also in the forefront. As the first pioneered 50M-100M, or 1000M operators, the Great Wall Broadband Network speed for two consecutive years ranked first cicada, just a few years has a market share of 1/3 in Shanghai, on this basis, the Great Wall Broadband pioneered the “one per day,” the biggest promotions, while barley box hardware use fee of 100 yuan, the price of video costs $ 99 user feedback, if you select 2 years broadband packages can be removed from a year barley box costs 3 years, then barley box free of charge, these Limin reinforce the way it is looking forward to the user over the years.