Early Discovery of High Quality Projects

Crowdfunding platform experience in 2014 after the start of the ignorant, it appeared in 2015, development spurt, and the brightest Internet Gangster and professional venture capital institutions have reached, high-quality venture frequently into the public view. However, the high threshold of equity investment, high-risk investment prohibitive for many roots, how to enjoy equity appreciation opportunities while minimizing the risk involved is the question investors are most concerned about.

Zhang Guicheng big boy after a 90, but in his body little childish teenager, spoke ably and calm. “I was initially engaged in the Internet industry, and later at the invitation of a friend came into contact with project management, has gradually become a professional manager.” He in the Internet industry and the financial industry, precipitated resources, as he entered the equity crowdfunding fields laid a good basis.

Late last year, equity-based crowdfunding market demand for judgment, Zhang Guicheng Eagles created a network. In his view, the situation of public venture equity crowdfunding lit the fire, more and more start-ups through equity crowdfunding want access to finance, especially in the moment of professional institutional investors increasingly cautious period. Meanwhile, a large number of China’s middle class, equity crowdfunding allows ordinary middle class also have the opportunity when angel investors, providing them with a new investment channels. This provides opportunities for the development of equity crowdfunding platform.