China’s Dairy Industry Goes to Western Countries

Standing in front of the hotel conference room with large windows, despite the lateness of the hour, you can still see a flashing warning lights airliners never far from San Francisco International Airport, which flew from the sight of Pan Gang, flying high .

Pan Gang, did not sleep, the US West Coast in early June night wind, increasingly let his mind clear. Look at those flights through the night sky, he just remembered Pan charge of business, they are flying high.

As the first in Asia, the world’s top 10 dairy companies, Yili Group, China is almost as a sample of Chinese dairy development presence. As this is currently chairman of the annual income of more than 60 billion yuan enterprises, Pan Gang, always maintained a strong vision for the future development.

For him, how highly these companies to a higher band, must be faced and solved. Pan Gang, led by Group senior management personnel “benchmark” tour is to explore the path to solve the problem.

Benchmarking trip not Start from today, the past two years, Pan Gang personally led a delegation, visited Japan and South Korea, and then travel to Europe, this time to the United States, Pan just want innovation in the world “home base” close observation and experience for the future development of Yili Group added a more dazzling.