China Has Become the Market Leader in Internet

America’s largest venture capital group Jinkai Peng TDF partner, known as the “Queen of the Internet” Mary Meeker this morning released a report on Internet trends in 2016 in the United States Code of the General Assembly, the report said China has become the market leader in Internet .

The report notes that the global number of Internet users exceeded 3 billion, an increase of 9 percent over the previous year, the global Internet penetration rate reached 42%. The number of Internet users in India reached 227 million, more than the United States as the world’s second largest Internet market, after China.

The report also share some aspects of Chinese data. The report said the number of indicators to measure, China has become the market leader in the Internet, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 668 million. BAT is three Chinese mobile Internet market leader, while Chinese users accounted for 71% of mobile consumer long.

The report said China Internet adhesion mainly from advertising, business, tourism and financial services. The development trend of China’s Internet in many ways better than the United States. Including the Chinese e-commerce company in the retail market share of the United States is growing faster than its peers, Chinese smartphone-based payment solutions with a high participation rate.

The report also pointed out that emerging from the kinetic energy of China’s Internet “on-demand service.” On-demand transportation services, transportation services Chinese demand has become a global leader in the number of on-demand transport services of more than 40 billion times, an increase of four times the global market share of 70%.

Since 1995, Morgan Stanley analysts became later, Mikel Internet trends report published every year. In this year’s report, she stressed, for online shopping, live sports, communications, advertising, and artificial intelligence, the there is a huge opportunity.